US—Veterans Administration Pension Payment Cards, 1907-1933 [Part D]

Minors Card—How it should be indexed

This is a sample image of a Minor card. For the image above, the fields would be indexed as follows:

  1. Pension Payment Type: Army Minors
  2. Soldier's or Sailor's Surname: Abenes
  3. Soldier's or Sailor's Given Names: Bernabe
  4. Recipient’s Given Names: Marciana. (Note that the recipient's surname was not recorded, so you would leave the Recipient's Surname field blank.)
  5. Guardian's Surname: Balangue
  6. Guardian's Given Names: Maria

Note: For the image above, you would add another record for the second recipient, and index all the fields the same except for the Recipient's Given Names field, which would be indexed as: Simplicia