US, Idaho—Obituaries, 2007 (Pilot)

How to Index an Obituary

For the sample image above, the fields would be indexed as follows:

  1. Given Names: Margaret LaRae
  2. Surname: Pickett King Clarke
  3. Titles or Terms: Press Tab to skip this field.
  4. Deceased's Gender: F
  5. Age: 78
  6. Death Month: Oct
  7. Death Day: 19
  8. Death Year: 2007
  9. Death Town or City: Rexburg
  10. Death County: Press Tab to skip this field.
  11. Death State or Country: Press Tab to skip this field.
  12. Birth Month: Feb
  13. Birth Day: 22
  14. Birth Year: 1929
  15. Birth City or Town: Logan
  16. Birth County: Press Tab to skip this field.
  17. Birth State or Country: Utah
  18. Name of Newspaper: Post Register