US, Virginia—Bible Record Collection, 1700–1900

Project Instructions

Read the Instructions

  • Please read these project instructions carefully before indexing any batches.
  • Review this page and the field helps frequently for updates to these instructions.
  • Click here for a summary of project updates.

Sample Images

What to Remember as You Index This Project

  • If multiple names were recorded on a Bible index card, index the name of the principal person only. (All other names will not be indexed.)
  • If more than one event date (birth, marriage, or death) was recorded on an index card, choose the record type according to this order of preference:
    1. Birth
    2. Marriage
    3. Death
  • If only one event has an event date, choose the record type according to the event date.
  • If an index card lists dates for multiple events, index the dates for the record type you selected (which, in most cases, is birth).
  • If an index card lists an unnamed child as the principal person, index the child's surname only, along with the event date and other relevant information. If it lists more than one unnamed child as the principal person (such as in the case of twins), index the surname only once. Do not create additional records.
  • If twins are listed as the principal person on the same card and both are named, index one twin and then add a record to the image and index the other twin.
  • If an index card lists multiple Bible reference numbers, index the first reference number only. Click here for an example.
  • If the image is of a cross-reference card (a card that refers to another card and does not have the normal birth, marriage, or death fields), mark the card as a No Extractable Data Image. Click here for an example.
  • If a maiden name was listed on a card along with a married surname (the maiden name was often shown in parentheses), index both the maiden name and the married surname in the Surname field, with the maiden name first.
  • If an alias name, nickname, or alternate name was recorded on a card, index all the variations of the name with the word "or" between the variations. Click here for an example.

Using Highlights

  • Highlights are available for this project.
  • If the highlights do not appear on the image:
    1. On the menu bar, click View.
    2. Click Show Highlights. (When highlights are turned on, a check mark will appear next to Show Highlights.)
  • The highlights may not always line up with the image, particularly when the card was not centered within the image. To adjust the highlights to fit the image:
    1. On the menu bar, click View.
    2. Click Adjust Highlights.
    3. Move the cursor over the image, and all highlights will appear.
    4. Adjust the highlights to match the image.
  • Adjusting highlights may be tricky. A key to successfully aligning the highlights with the image is to first adjust the red outline to encompass the area where the fields are located. Click here for more detailed instructions on how to adjust highlights.
  • If the highlights still do not match the form, you may want to turn them off and index the card without the highlights.

Additional Information