US (Community Project), Texas, Brownsville—Airplane Passenger and Crew Lists, 1943–1964

How to Index a Passenger List

For the sample image above, the fields for the second record on the image would indexed as follows:

  1. Ship's Name: Hie Maru
  2. Arrival Year: 1941
  3. Surname: Higo
  4. Given Names: Mankichi
  5. Age: 58
  6. Gender: M
  7. Place of Birth or Nationality: Japan (This document has both a place of birth and a nationality column. The place of birth is broken down into two subcolumns. When there are two subcolumns, index only the information recorded in the country column.)

Note that if information was given for both place of birth and nationality, you should index the information for the place of birth, not the nationality.

The other records on the page would be indexed following the same pattern.