US, Oklahoma - Land Allotment Records 1899 1907 [Part B]

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Skill Level: Intermediate

  • This project is recommended for volunteers who are familiar with the indexing process and comfortable using various system features.

Characteristics of This Project

  • Capture every principal name on an image. Do not capture the names of the chairman, the commissioner, the roll clerk, the notary, the stenographer, etc.
  • When multiple images relate to the same individual(s), index each image separately as its own record. Do not mark the successive images as duplicates or no extractable data images simply because they mention the same individuals as the image before.
  • There are up to 10 images per batch.

Description of the Records

  • Most of the records were handwritten with no set format.
  • There can be different, individual documents, that relate to the same individual(s). These documents may be filed on separate, successive images. In these cases each image is to be indexed as a separate record even though they may relate to the same individual(s).

Additional Information

Access Restriction

  • There are no restrictions associated with this collection. The completed index and links to digital images will be freely accessible online to the general public when the collection is published.

How to Help With This Project:

  • If you have not already done so, you must register as an indexing volunteer. To do this, click here.
  • After you register, sign in to the indexing computer program, click the Download Batch... button, and select this project name from the list.