US, Oklahoma, Woodward County—School Census, 1912–1936

Project Instructions

What Do the Records Look Like?

  • Two forms used for the school census:
  • Each child on the form is a record to be indexed.
  • At the top of each census form, a parent's name and a post office or town were recorded. You will index these items with the record for each child. The parent's name is usually found at the bottom of the form as well. You should index the most complete version of the name. If a different name appears at the top of the form and the bottom, index the name at the top of the form.
  • The first image in most batches is an index of the records that follow. The index is usually typed, and it may help you read the handwritten names in the records that follow, but the index page itself should be marked as a No Extractable Data Image. Example of an index image

Number of Records per Image

  • The data entry area is set at one record per image. You may need to add entry lines to match the actual number of records on the image. To add entry lines:
    1. On the menu bar, click Tools.
    2. Click Records per Image.
    3. Click in the Number of records box, and type the number of records on the image.
    4. Click OK.

Handwriting Helps

  • Many of these records are handwritten. The handwriting resource on the data entry screen may help you decipher handwriting.
  • To access this resource, click on the Handwriting Help icon (which looks like an inkwell with an orange feather quill) on the toolbar just above the data entry area.
  • Additional handwriting helps (a resource for deciphering challenging handwriting).

Additional Information