US, Montana, Sweet Grass County—Birth Certificates, 1892–1930

How to Index Birth Certificates

For the sample image above, the fields for this record would indexed as follows:

  1. Birth State or Country: Montana
  2. Birth County: Sweet Grass
  3. Birth Town or City: Big Timber
  4. Certificate or Registration Number: 39
  5. Given Names: Hazel Mae
  6. Surname: Bryan
  7. Title and Terms: Press TAB to skip this field
  8. Gender: F
  9. Birth Month: Jul
  10. Birth Day: 9
  11. Birth Year: 1930
  12. Father's Given Names: George Frank
  13. Father's Surname: Bryan
  14. Father's Title and Terms: Press TAB to skip this field
  15. Mother's Given Names: Vera Alice
  16. Mother's Surname: Griffith
  17. Mother's Titles and Terms: Press TAB to skip this field