US, Mississippi—Enumeration of Educable Children, 1850–1892, 1908–1957 [Part B]

Project Instructions

Read the Instructions

  • Please read these project instructions carefully before indexing any batches.
  • Review this page and the field helps frequently for updates to the instructions.
  • Click here for a summary of project updates.

Different Images

  • There is more than one type of image on this project. Only the list of educable children will be indexed. Click here to see an example.
  • Do not index forms that contain information about schools, data summary, or statistical data. Click here to see an example.

Account for Every Record on the Page

  • Each list of educable children form has 40 entry lines. If an entry line on the form is blank or has no data to be indexed, mark the record as blank in the data entry area. Be sure to mark the record as blank in the same order as it appears on the form.
  • To mark an entry line as blank, press Ctrl+Shift+B, or:
    1. In the menu bar, click Edit.
    2. Select Mark Field or Record.
    3. Click Mark Record Blank.
  • In some cases, the recorder may have written more than 40 records on a form. If a form has more than 40 records, please add enough records in the data entry area to match the number of records on the image. To add records:
    1. In the menu bar, click Tools.
    2. Click Records per Image.
    3. Click in the Number of records box, and type the total number of records on the page.
    4. Click OK.

How to Index Given Names and Surnames

  • Do not include titles or terms, such as Widow, Baron, Reverend, Lord, Esq, Jr, or Mr, in the Given Names or Surname fields.
  • If a woman's maiden name and married surname were both recorded, index both names in the Surname field, with the maiden name first.
  • Do not expand abbreviated names. For example, do not change "Thos" to Thomas or "Wm" to William. Type the name or the abbreviation as it was written in the record.
  • Do not assume a name for an individual when the document only says "and son" (or something similar). If an individual was not named on the document, do not index a record for the individual.
  • If an entry gives a list of surnames, such as "Moore, Connor, and Smith," index each surname as a separate record, and if no given name was listed for a surname, mark the Given Names field as blank.

How to Index Ages

  • Index only full years. If fractions of years were recorded, round down to the nearest full year. If less than one year was recorded, index the age as 0 (zero).

Ditto Marks and Other Signs of Repetition

  • You may find ditto marks or similar signs of repetition, such as the word "ditto," an abbreviation of it, a horizontal line, or a vertical line.
  • If a record includes any of these signs, type the information from the previous record or field.
  • If you are not sure whether a mark is a ditto mark or whether it indicates something else, such as that a field was blank, use your best judgment, taking into account contextual information.

Highlights and the Ruler

  • Highlights are available for this project.
  • If highlights do not appear on the image and you want to use them:
    1. In the menu bar, click View.
    2. Click Show Highlights. If Show Highlights is turned on, that option will have a check mark next to it.
  • The highlights may not line up with the image. To adjust the highlights to fit the image:
    1. In the menu bar, click View.
    2. Click Adjust Highlights.
    3. Move the cursor over the image, and all highlights will appear.
    4. To adjust the highlights, click and drag a corner of the red outline to the proper location, or click and drag an indexing field to the proper location.
  • Adjusting highlights may be tricky. A key to successfully aligning the highlights with the fields is first to adjust the red outline to encompass the area where the fields are located and then to move the indexing fields to the proper locations.
  • The ruler is also available. If you choose to use the ruler, please be aware that it is not anchored to the indexing screen and does not automatically move as you move to a new entry. To see the ruler:
    1. In the menu bar, click View.
    2. Select Show Ruler.

Additional Information