US, Michigan, Muriel—Record Identification, 1930–1970

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  • This project is a test to determine what record types are found in this newspaper clipping project. As an indexer, you will go through the batch, look at an image, and determine what record type the image is. Once you determine the record type, go on to the next image. To determine the record type, look closely at the title of the form. No indexing will be done in this test. This test is designed to help us index only the certain record types that we have focused on.

Record Types

The following are the record types that we want you as an indexer to identify:

  • Birth Announcements
  • Marriage Announcements
  • Death Notices/Obituaries/Funeral Notices
  • Other
    • Divorce Announcements
    • Tidbits
    • News Articles
    • Estate Records 
    • Anniversary Announcements
    • Graduation Announcements
    • Birthday Notices 

Look at the image and examine the title of the newspaper article. Only use the title of the newspaper article to determine the record type.

Sample Images

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