US, Massachusetts—State Vital Records, 1841–1920 [Part B]

How to Index a Death Register

For the sample image above, the fields would indexed as follows:

  1. Page Number: 216
  2. Register or Entry Number: 11597
  3. Event Town or City: Boston
  4. Event County: Tab
  5. Event State or Country: Tab
  6. Deceased's Given Names: Michael J
  7. Deceased's Surname: Condon
  8. Deceased's Titles or Terms: Tab
  9. Deceased's Gender: M
  10. Deceased's Spouse's Given Names: Tab
  11. Deceased's Spouse's Surname: Tab
  12. Deceased's Spouse's Titles or Terms: Tab
  13. Death Month: Dec
  14. Death Day: 1
  15. Death Year: 1917
  16. Deceased's Age: 60
  17. Deceased's Father's Given Names: James
  18. Deceased's Father's Surname: Condon
  19. Deceased's Father's Titles or Terms: Tab
  20. Deceased's Mother's Given Names: Catherine
  21. Deceased's Mother's Surname: Condon
  22. Deceased's Mother's Titles or Terms: Tab