US, Illinois, Chicago—Catholic Church Records, 1833–1910 [Part A]

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Help Reading Latin Records

  • Many records in this project were recorded on forms written in Latin. Example: Latin Baptism Form
  • While the following glossary is not complete and may not be a literal translation of the Latin, it should help you index the documents in this project. If you desire a more comprehensive treatment of Latin in genealogical records, click on the following link: Genealogical Word List—Latin.


Latin English Latin English
a me by me primus 1st
aetatis age secundus 2nd
animen soul, spirit tertius 3rd
anno [in the] year quartus 4th
B   quintus 5th
baptizata baptized (female) sextus 6th
baptizatus baptized (male) septimus 7th
C   octavus 8th
conjugum spouse nonus 9th
conjuncti joined, united (in marriage) decimus 10th
corpus body undecimus 11th
D   duodecimus 12th
de of, from tertius decimus 13th
die day quintus decimus 14th
E   quintus decimus 15th
ego I, me sextus decimus 16th
ejusdem the same[day] septus decimus 17th
et and duedevicesimus 18th
ex from undevicesimus 19th
F   vicesimus or vigesimus 20th
filia daughter vicesimus primus 21st
filius son vicesimus secundus 22nd
fuit was, existed vicesimus tertius 23rd
M   vicesimus quartus 24th
matrimonium marriage vicesimus quintus 25th
matris mother vicesimus sextus 26th
matrina godmother vicesimus septus 27th
mensis [of the] month vicesimus octavus 28th
N   vicesimus nonus 29th
nata born (female) trigesimus or tricesimus 30th
natus born (male) trigesimus or tricesimus primus 31st
olim formerly (used to indicate a maiden name)    
patrinus godfather    
patrini godparents    
reddidit return, restore    
sepultum buried    
testibus witness