US, District of Columbia—Freedmen's Bureau Letters, 1865–1870

Given Names

Index the name of every individual on the image, including military officers. If the same name was written more than once on a single image, index the name just one time for that image, and index the most complete version of the name that was recorded on the image.

The given names in the image above would be indexed as follows:

  1. Peyton
  2. <Blank>
  3. <Blank>
  4. J M
  5. Robert J
  6. J W
  7. S N
  8. <Blank>
  9. Kitty
  10. Annie

Note that repeated names that refer to the same individual are indexed only once.

As you index these images, please remember:

  • Index names in the data entry area of the image on which they appear, regardless of whether the document begins on the previous image or ends on the next one.
  • To find the event date to index with the name, you may need to look at the previous image or, occasionally, the next one. For the first three names on this image, you would need to look at the previous image to find the date.
  • If a single image contains more than one letter, entry on a register, or document that mentions a person's name, index the most complete version of the name just one time, along with the date of the earliest letter, entry, or document on the image.