US, California, San Joaquin County—Obituary Index File, 1850–1991

Project Instructions

Sample Images

Alias Names or Nicknames

  • Some people in this project may have been known by an alias, which is an assumed name or a name in addition to their legal name. A clerk may have noted the assumed name or additional name by using quotation marks or parentheses or by writing "AKA," which means "also known as."
  • To index a name that has one or more aliases, type the word "or" between each name. Do not type AKA, quotation marks, or parentheses in the indexing field.
  • For example, if an individual’s name is listed as "Joseph Broski AKA Joseph Browzowski (or Jozef Brzozowski)," you would type:

      Given Name: Joseph or Jozef
      Surname: Broski or Brozowski or Brzozowski

  • Or if the clerk wrote a name as "John 'Buck' Harrison," you would type:

      Given Name: John or Buck
      Surname: Harrison

  • The word "or" can also be used when two different names are given on a document and you cannot determine which name is correct. For example, if the given name was written as Mary in one place on the document and as Marion in another place, both names would be typed in the given name field, separated by "or."

Indexing the Year Field

  • Usually, a four-digit number was recorded for the year, but in some cases only two digits were recorded.
  • If only a two-digit number was recorded for the year, you may be able to determine the full four-digit year from other data on the image. For example:
    • If "56" was written on a record for a death year and the record says that the individual was a veteran of World War I, you can conclude that the death date was 1956.
    • If "12" was written on the record for the death year, you can conclude that the death date was 1912, since the project covers the years 1850–1991.
  • If you cannot determine the full four-digit year, type what was written on the record.

Number of Records per Image

  • The data entry area is set at one record per image. If you have images with more than one record, you will need to add entry lines to match the number of records on the image. To add records:
    1. On the menu bar, click Tools.
    2. Click Records per Image.
    3. Click in the Number of Records box, and type the number of records on the image.
    4. Click OK.

Highlights and Using the Ruler

  • No highlights are available. You may use the ruler instead to follow a record across an image.
  • If you choose to use the ruler, please be aware that the ruler is not anchored to the indexing screen and does not automatically move as you move to a new entry. To see the ruler:
    1. On the menu bar, click View.
    2. Select Show Ruler.

Additional Information