South Africa, Orange Free State—Estate Files, 1951–1980 [Part 2A]

How to Index Names

For the image above, a record would be added for each name. The names and relationships would be indexed as follows:

  1. Given Names: Helena Elizabeth, Surname: Kruger Smith Schutte, Relationship: Deceased;
  2. Given Names: Pieter Ernst; Surname: Kruger; Relationship: Father;
  3. Given Names: Maria Johanna; Surname: Kruger; Relationship: Mother;
  4. Given Names: Petrus Frederick Cornelis, Surname: Smith, Relationship: Spouse;
  5. Given Names: Frerik; Surname: Schutte; Relationship: Spouse;
  6. Given Names: Maria Johanna; Surname: Smith Kemp Oelsen; Relationship: Child;
  7. Given Names: Eric, Surname: Oelsen, Relationship: Child-in-law;
  8. Given Names: Susanna Gertuida; Surname: Smith Van Der Heever; Relationship: Child;
  9. Given Names: Pieter Ernst; Surname: Smith; Relationship: Child;
  10. Given Names: Peterus Frederik Cornelis; Surname: Smith; Relationship: Child;
  11. Given Names: Paul Jacobus; Surname: Smith; Relationship: Child;
  12. Given Names: Helen; Surname: Smith Kritzinger; Relationship: Child;
  13. Given Names: Mattheus; Surname: Kritzinger; Relationship: Child-in-law;
  14. Given Names: Cornelius Wilhelmus; Surname: Smith; Relationship: Child.

Note: Both records 4 and 5 would also have a Death Year and a Town or Place of Death entry to index.