REDACTION TEST: Germany, Hesse—Civil Registration [Part A]

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About This Project

This project is to determine to what extent civil registration records from Hesse, Germany, contain sensitive data that will keep FamilySearch from indexing or publishing the data. For this project, you will read the image and determine if the image has sensitive data, such as information pertaining to adoptions, births, paternity, and so on. If it does, you will indicate the type of sensitive data and index the year that pertains to sensitive data. Each image will have to be read completely to determine whether it contains sensitive information.

Sample Images

Description of This Project

  • All records are civil registrations (birth, marriage, and death records).
  • Death records are usually just one page, but marriage records often extend over two pages.
  • The records were typically handwritten, often on preprinted forms, but some were typed.
  • Each batch includes up to 15 images.

Additional Information

How to Help with This Project

  • If you have not already done so, you must register as an indexing volunteer. To register and download and install the indexing program, click here for the indexing home page. Click Get Started, and follow the instructions on the page.
  • After you register, click the Begin Indexing link on the indexing home page, and sign in to the indexing program with your user name and password. Then click the Download Batch button, and select this project name from the list. To see the project name on the list, you may need to select Show all projects at the top of the Download Batch window.