Pre-indexing: Ghana - 1982-1984 Census [Part 4B]

Project-Specific Indexing Instructions

Blank and No extractable Data Images:

  • Only the images of Form H has data that is to be indexed. Click here to see an example.
  • Images of all other types of forms should not be indexed and should be marked as: No Extractable Data Image. Click the following links to see examples:  Sample 1 No Data  Sample 2 No Data
  • If an image or form is blank, mark the image as Blank. If an image contains only information that does not need to be indexed, mark the image as No Extractable Data. To do this:

    1. Select the Header Data tab.
      (Note: If your batch does not have a Header Data tab, click the Table Entry or Form Entry tab.)
    2. Click in the Image Type field.
    3. Click on the down arrow at the right side of the field.
    4. Select Blank Image or No Extractable Data Image.
    5. Press Tab.
    6. Click Yes on the warning message.