Philippines, Pangasinan—Civil Registration, 1946–1965

Project Instructions

Read the Instructions

  • Please read these project instructions carefully before indexing any batches.
  • Review this page and the field helps frequently for updates to the instructions.
  • Click here for a summary of project updates.

What Is Unique about This Project

  • Index every birth, marriage, and death document, including all registers and affidavits.
  • Many batches contain one half of a register type document.  When you download one, index only the information available on the image from your batch.  Do not go to the previous or next image to gather information.  Do not mark a document of this type as a No Extractable Data Image.  The information from the two halves will be combined in the post process.

Sample Images

Corrected or Crossed-Out Information

  • When information was crossed out and then replaced, type the new data in the appropriate fields.
  • When the information was crossed out, was not replaced, and can be read, type the crossed-out information.
  • If information was not crossed out but was replaced or has been added to, type the most complete version of the record.
  • When the information was crossed out, was not replaced, and cannot be read, mark the field as unreadable by pressing Ctrl+U.
  • When no entry on a record can be read, mark the entire record as unreadable by pressing Ctrl+Shift+U.

Duplicate Images

  • At times you may see a duplicate of a previous image in the same batch.
  • The duplicate image should be marked as a duplicate in the Image Type field, but if any information on the duplicate is easier to read than the information on the previous image, then you can combine information from the duplicate image onto the one being indexed. To mark an image as a duplicate:
    1. Click the Header Data tab.
    2. Click in the Image Type field.
    3. Select Duplicate Image from the list.
    4. Press Enter or Tab.
    5. Click Yes on the warning message.
  • Finish indexing the rest of the images in the batch.
  • Some images appear to be duplicates but aren’t actually duplicates. Some records, for example, may contain information that is similar to the information on another image. Before you mark an image as a duplicate, make sure it is an exact duplicate of the previous image.

Diacritics and Other Characters

  • If the name of a person or locality is written with a character not on your keyboard, such as the accented é in José, please insert the character by clicking on the Enter special international characters icon (which is a square with an "ñ" in it) and selecting the character you want to insert, or:
    1. On the menu bar, click Edit.
    2. Click International Letters.
    3. Click on the letter you want to insert.

Additional Information