Philippines, Albay, Legazpi City—Civil Registration, 1946–1980

Project Instructions

Read the Instructions

  • Please read these project instructions carefully before indexing any batches.
  • Review this page and the field helps frequently for updates to the instructions.
  • Click here for a summary of project updates.

Sample Images

What Is Unique about This Project

  • Surnames sometimes precede given names. If you cannot determine if a name is a surname or a given name, index it in the given names fields.

Number of Records per Image

  • The data entry area is set at one record per image. If you have images with more than one record, you will need to add entry lines to match the number of records on the image. To add records:
    1. In the menu bar, select Tools.
    2. Click Records per Image.
    3. Click in the Number of Records box, and type the number of records on the image.
    4. Click OK.

What to Do When a Register Spans Two Images

  • Some birth, marriage, and death registers span two images. The parents' information was often recorded on the second image, with the information about the principal person on the first image.
  • If an image does not include the name of a principal person, don't index it. The information will be indexed as part of the previous image. Mark the image as a No Extractable Data Image.
  • If information regarding the principal person or the event continues to the next image, index the entire record, including relevant information that continues to the next image. To see the information on the next image while continuing to index information for the first image:
  1. On the menu at the top of the screen, click View.
  2. Click Show Previous or Next Image.
  3. In the window that appears, click the Next Image button.
  4. Index the record while viewing both images at the same time. (In this case, ignore the "Do not index from this image" warning.)

Additional Information