Perú, Arequipa, Sagrario—Registros Bautismales, 1644–1921

General Instructions

Diacritics and Other Characters

  • If the name of a person or locality is written with a character that is not on your keyboard, such as the accented é in José, please insert the character by clicking on the Enter special international characters icon (which is a square with an "ñ" in it) and selecting the character you want to insert, or:
    1. On the menu bar, click Edit.
    2. Click International Letters.
    3. Click on the letter you want to insert.

Corrected or Crossed-Out Information

  • When information is crossed out and then replaced, type the new data in the appropriate fields.
  • When the information is crossed out, is not replaced, and can be read, type the crossed-out information.
  • When information is not crossed out but is replaced or has been added to, type the most complete version of the record.
  • When the information is crossed out, is not replaced, and cannot be read, mark the field as unreadable by pressing Ctrl+U.
  • When no entry on a record can be read, mark the entire record as unreadable by pressing Ctrl+Shift+U.


  • For a required field (a field showing <Required> in the entry area): If a record does not include information for a field, or if the information given uses a description such as "unknown" or "don't know," press Ctrl+B to mark the field as blank. Do not type the word "blank" in the indexing field.
  • For a field that is not required: If a record does not include information for a field or if the information is given using a description such as "unknown" or "don't know," press Tab to skip the field.

Unnecessary Punctuation

  • Do not type periods, commas, parentheses, or semicolons after initials or abbreviations or between multiple levels of localities for any of the fields.

Ditto Marks

  • You may find ditto marks or similar signs of repetition. If a record includes any of these signs, type the information from the previous record or field.

Lookup Lists

  • A lookup list is a list of names, places, or terms that you can use to help decipher the information for a specific field. All fields with a lookup list will have a down arrow at the right side of the field when you have selected the field for data entry.
    1. Click the down arrow.
    2. Select Lookup....
  • The lookup lists do not include every possible entry. If the clerk wrote something that is not in the list, type what was written on the record.

Red Wavy Line

  • The red wavy line or colored background in a field does not necessarily mean that you made a mistake. It appears because the word you typed is not in the lookup list. This is OK. Double-check what you entered. When you are sure the information is correct, continue with the next entry field.