LDS Church—Membership Records, 1830–1907

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The records in this project are the annual reports of the stakes and missions of the Church. These reports officially document nearly 3.6 million ordinances and vital events in the lives of Church members. This portion of the project covers the years 1830 to 1907.

A variety of forms were used in this record collection. Most forms were preprinted and include several sections. Related events, such as a person's birth and blessing, were often recorded in the same section of the record. Names from one section, such as "Marriages," may overflow into another section, such as "Divorces." Sometimes more names were listed than the form requested, so handwriting may be small.

These records include confidential information and must remain completely confidential.

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Skill Level: Advanced

  • This project is recommended for experienced volunteers who are comfortable with the indexing process, system features, and a variety of old handwriting styles.

Characteristics and Description

  • The membership records were handwritten in paragraphs or on printed forms.
  • The collection includes several types of forms.
  • The records are from wards, missions, and branches from all over the world.
  • Each batch contains one image.
  • Each image has up to 50 records.

Access to This Collection

  • The completed index and digital images will be accessible only to the Church's Membership Department.

Additional Information

How to Help with This Project

  • This is a closed project. Only indexers from stakes invited to participate in this project will have access to it.