Magyarország, Szabolcs—polgári anyakönyvi adatok, 1895–1978 [6. Rész]

Project Updates

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Please Read the Instructions

Please read the project instructions carefully before indexing any batches. Review the project instructions and the field helps frequently for updates.

Summary of Project Updates and Reminders

  • Do not index titles or terms, such as Mr or Mrs, in any Given Name or Surname field.
  • To index a name that has one or more variations or aliases in the record, index all variations of the name, typing the word Or between each variation. Do not type "AKA," quotation marks, or parentheses in the indexing field.
  • For women, index the maiden name in the Surname field. If only a married name was recorded for a deceased woman, index the husband's surname or the married surname in the Deceased's Surname field.
  • Make sure you examine the entire image carefully to ensure you do not miss records or other vital information. Often, corrections and additional information were added in the margins of records. Click here for information on how to index information that has been corrected.
  • Often, birth records do not include a surname for the child. If the child's surname was not recorded, do not use the surname of a parent for the surname of the child.
  • Often, death records do not indicate the gender of the deceased. Index the gender only if it was specifically recorded or if you can tell what it was from relationship terms, such as son or daughter, from titles, such as Mr or Mrs, or from other indications in the language. Do not assume gender based on given names.