FamilySearch Evaluation Survey

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We would like your help on a project to improve the search feature on the FamilySearch website.

The FamilySearch website uses a very complex technology to help patrons find records that correspond to their search terms. As you enter simple search terms, the system compensates for alternate names, changes in geography and government jurisdiction over time, and records that have incomplete or conflicting information —and all this it does for dozens of concurrent searchers in microseconds. 

Occasionally, as we have time and resources, we take steps to improve this technology. Generally this requires a big dose of specially-constructed training data. We are creating this special training data by asking volunteer indexers to look at queries (the search information) and rate the results (the records that match). You will answer 6 questions about each result by selecting one of the options given. This is not a traditional indexing project; we are asking for your opinion and there are no right or wrong answers. The results of this brief effort should help us to make our search engine a lot smarter.

We anticipate that the project will last no more than a month. We thank you in advance for your assistance in helping us to improve the systems that assist you in finding your ancestors!

Sample Image

  • Click here to see a sample image.

Skill Level: Advanced

  • This project is a survey recommended for experienced voluteers who are comfortable with the indexing process and system features.  This project is only open to a few stakes.

Description of the Project

  • This project is a survey that will help improve the search engine at FamilySearch.
  • The survey will analyze the effectiveness of the search engine and will also find ways to improve it.
  • Each image has an original query from FamilySearch with one to eight search results for that query.
  • You will be answering questions about each search result to see how it compares to the original query that was searched.
  • Two images per batch.

Additional Information