Hrvatska, Delnicki dekanat—crkvene knjige, 1725–1926

Project-Specific Indexing Instructions

Number of Records per Image

  • The data entry area is set at one record per image. If your batch includes images with more than one record, you will need to add enough entry lines to match the actual number of records on each image. To add entry lines:

    1. On the menu bar, click Tools.
    2. Click Records per Image....
    3. Click in the Number of records box, and type the number of records on the image.
    4. Click OK.
  • If you press Tab or Enter after you complete the last record on an image, a message will appear asking if you want to add one or more records to the image. If you have already indexed all the records on the image, do the following:
    1. Ensure that 0 (zero) is in the Number of records box.
    2. Click OK.

International Letters

  • If the name of a person or locality is written with a character not on your keyboard, such as the ä in Michäel, please insert the character by doing the following:
    1. On the menu bar, click Edit.
    2. Click International Letters....
    3. Click on the letter you want to insert.


    1. On the menu bar above the data entry area, click the Enter special international characters icon (which is a square shape with an ñ on it).
    2. Click on the letter you want to insert.
  • If the character you need to insert, such as the š in Krešimir, is not on the international characters list or on your keyboard, you can find the character on the Character Map (Windows) or Character Palette (Mac OS) on your computer and paste it in the appropriate indexing field.

How to Index Names

  • If a diacritic or accent mark was used in writing a name on the record (such as the marks used in writing ä, š, or ž), be sure to include the mark when you index the name.
  • Be aware that the names in the lookup list may not follow normal alphabet rules in Croatian, Latin, or English. Thus, the name "Michäel" will not be found on the lookup list after "Michael" but after "Micho."

Help with Latin Records

  • The Croatia, Delnice deanery records were written in both Croatian and Latin, which will require careful reading to find the correct information for each field.
  • Some records are difficult to read. Index the field for which information is visible.
  • Click here for help reading the Latin forms. With these helps, you should be able to index Latin records, but if you feel uncomfortable doing so, simply return the batch.

Access Restriction

  • No restrictions are associated with this collection. The completed index and links to digital images will be freely accessible online to the general public when the collection is published.

How to Help with This Project

  • If you have not already done so, you must register as an indexing volunteer. To register and download and install the indexing program click here for the indexing home page. Click on Get Started, and follow the instructions on the page.
  • After you register, click the Begin Indexing link on the indexing home page and sign in to the indexing program with your user name and password. Then click the Download Batch... button, and select this project name from the list. At the top of the Download Batch window, you may need to select Show all projects to see the project name on the list.