Canada, Prince Edward Island—Baptism Card Index, 1721–1885

Project Instructions

Read the Instructions

  • Please review these project instructions carefully before indexing any batches.
  • Review this page and the field helps frequently for updates to these instructions.
  • Click here for a summary of project updates.

Sample Images

Using Highlights

  • Highlights are available for this project.
  • If the highlights do not appear on the image:
    1. On the menu bar, click View.
    2. Click Show Highlights. (When highlights are turned on, a check mark will appear next to Show Highlights.)
  • The highlights may not always line up with the image, particularly when the card was not centered within the image. To adjust the highlights to fit the image:
    1. On the menu bar, click View.
    2. Click Adjust Highlights.
    3. Move the cursor over the image, and all highlights will appear.
    4. Adjust the highlights to match the image.
  • Adjusting highlights may be tricky. A key to successfully aligning the highlights with the image is to first adjust the red outline to encompass the area where the fields are located. Click here for more detailed instructions on how to adjust highlights.
  • If the highlights still do not match the form, you may want to turn them off and index the card without the highlights.

Handwriting Helps

  • Some of these records are handwritten. The handwriting resource on the data entry screen may help you decipher difficult handwriting.
  • To access this resource, click on the Handwriting Help icon (which looks like an inkwell with an orange feather quill).

Additional Information