België, Limburg, Lommel—Burgerlijke Stand, 1808–1890

Project Instructions

Read the Instructions

  • Please read these project instructions carefully before indexing any batches.
  • Review this page and the field helps frequently for updates to the instructions.

Number of Records per Image

  • The data entry area is set at three records per image. If an image has more than three records, you will need to add enough records in the data entry area to match the number of records on the image. To add records:
    1. On the menu bar, click Tools.
    2. Click Records per Image.
    3. Click in the Number of records box, and type the number of records on the image.
    4. Click OK.
  • If the image has fewer than three records, you will need to mark the unused records blank in the data entry area. To mark a record blank, select any field in the record, and press Ctrl+Shift+B, or:
    1. On the menu bar, click Edit.
    2. Click Mark Field or Record.
    3. Click Mark Record Blank.
  • If you press Tab or Enter after you complete the last record on an image, a message will appear asking if you want to add one or more records to the image. If you have already indexed all the records on the image, do the following:
    1. Ensure that 0 (zero) is in the Number of records box.
    2. Click OK.
  • Be sure to examine the entire image for records. Many images include two pages, and each page may have several entries. Make sure you index all the entries on both pages and not just the first page or the first entry on the first page.

Additional Information

  • Project home page (for this project)
  • Basic indexing guidelines (for all projects), or press F1 when using the indexing program
  • Field helps (a printable list of all field helps)
  • FamilySearch indexing home page
  • Getting help: These training materials describe the most common situations you will encounter as you index this project. However, new issues may surface. If you have questions that are not answered here, contact Jean Huysmans, who can get you the help you need and revise the instructions, if necessary: