Austrian Gazetteer Authorities

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This project is being created for the Authorities Group to help expand Authorities lists for this region of Europe.

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Special Characters

The records being indexed include international characters with diacritics used in writing the Czech, German, Italian, Polish, and Serbo-Croatian languages.  Some of these special characters may be obtained by selecting the international character icon (ñ) from the FamilySearch Indexing toolbar.  This will open a window containing the characters.  To select a character, click on it.

The toolbar does not contain all the characters that will be needed for this project.  For a complete list of international characters needed, or further questions, please send e-mail to:,, or

Number of Records Per Image

When you first open a batch, you will see that the entry screen shows only 3 indexing lines while the document may contain any number of records. The 3 lines are not the only lines that will need to be Indexed as this is only a default setting. 

You will need to add lines according to the needs of the document.  You can determine and set the number of indexing lines to match the document.  To do this:

     1. Count the number of extractable records on the image.
     2. Click Tools on the menu bar at the top of your screen.
     3. Click Records Per Image.
     4. Set the number of records to match the number of records on the image.
     5. Click OK.

Upon completion of the last record of the batch, a message window will appear asking if you want to add one or more records. Click No if you have indexed all records on the image.