Recensement Canadien de 1871

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 What Do the Records Look Like?

  • The 1871 Canadian Census records are handwritten.
  • The census is organized by locality.
  • Names were recorded with the surname first.
  • The 1871 Canadian Census has both English and French records.
    1. English Record
    2. French Record

Read project-specific indexing instructions.

See brief field-by-field helps.

How to Get Help:

  • These training materials describe the most common situations you will encounter as you index the 1871 Canadian Census. However, new issues may surface, and you may have questions that are not answered here. If so, first contact your stake extraction director. Your stake extraction director can then contact Church headquarters. Together we can get you the help you need and revise the instructions, if necessary.

Learn about the history of Canada in 1871.

Handwriting Helps: These records are handwritten. It may be helpful to view this link for help in deciphering challenging words: