Norway 1875 Census part 1

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What Do the Records Look Like?
  • The Norway 1875 Census is handwritten on typed forms.
  • There are two different census forms: Type 1 and Type 2. For this project, you will index both types. Click the following links to see examples.
    1. Type 1
    2. Type 2

Read project-specific indexing instructions.

View general indexing instructions.

See brief field-by-field helps.

How to Get Help:

  • These training materials describe the most common situations you will encounter as you index the Norway 1875 Census. However, new issues may surface, and you may have questions that are not answered here. Current updates are available on the Project Revisions Page. If your questions are not answered there, contact your group administrator, stake extraction director, or Indexing Support.

Handwriting Helps: Because these records are handwritten, it may be helpful to view this link for help in deciphering challenging words: